Plumbing Inspections

plumbing-inspectionWhen you buy a house what you don’t often check is the most expensive part of the plumbing…the drains. At SDR Plumbing Services, we can carry out a professional home plumbing inspection for you. Our team of qualified plumbing professionals will use the latest technology to identify cracks, leaks and blockages that can lead to expensive repair bills in the months and years to come. We provide you with a report similar to a building or pest inspection, it’s a worthwhile investment before buying a home.

Our Report will include the following:

  • Gas fitting line test for leaks
  • Appliance carbon monoxide test
  • Water pipe condition
  • Hot Water Service condition
  • Roof & gutter report
  • Stormwater report
  • Sewerage with air test for blockages

If plumbing defects are found in our inspection, we’ll give you down to earth advice and give you an estimate on the repair cost, allowing you to negotiate a resolution with the vendor before you sign on the dotted line.

We offer a 2 hour turn around time and for the small price of $240 inc GST you get a Detailed Report and piece of mind before you buy your home.

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